There's only four teams involved in football's top honours these days, so what's it like to win silverware every season? This is the blog of one football fan who decided to, fully and unconditionally, do the unthinkable and change the football team he supported to spend one season at the top... AND NOW HE'S DOING A SIMILAR THING FOR EURO 2008 WITH A MATE BECAUSE THE SEASON'S FINISHED AND THEY'RE BOTH BORED

No expectation = more excitement


Banel Nicolita on holiday

It’s crunch time and I am excited, elated and a little nervous but I don’t expect to win. I think that’s the major difference between supporting England and supporting Romania, I don’t expect to win but I am hopeful, with England the expectation inevitably leads to disappointment.

But that’s enough surmising, what about tonight? Teams are just in and Silly Season favourite Banel Nicolita (PICTURED) starts in midfield with Sorin Ghionea coming in at centre back for suspended man mountain Goian.

Nicolita grew up in a house made of straw and mud with seven brothers and sisters, basically he is as far removed from the world of the overpaid and unaware superstars we have in the Premier league as you can get and so is officially (whether he likes it or not) a Silly Season hero.

Can we win? YES

Will we win? MAYBE

Here’s hoping

Silly Season East Midlands Correspondent

Go Romania!


How do you say “come on Romania” in Romanian?

Please write in and let us know.

It should have been the first thing we learned really…

I know it’s “Hup Holland” for the dutch - I went to a world cup match in ‘98 against Yugoslavia (Davids was imperious). Then the car broke down outside the ground in Toulouse.

Anyway, all this major tournament reminicing is giving me the fever – tonight will be MASSIVE. Surely, Van Basten will go under-strength - he’d love to wind up Italy and France in that way, wouldn’t he?

I know it’s not a very confident way of urging Romania through. We should believe in their ability – but hey, I’m a Norwich fan…

Anyway, until we know what Romania’s rallying cry is, let’s just say:

Come on Romania – Brazil of the Balkans!!!!!!

Score prediction: Holland 2-2 Romania

Italy 1-1 France

The Silly Season London correspondant

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The Italian job


Alfredo Cramerotti

My heart has stopped racing, I never thought I would say that after a 1-1 draw between two countries I have no direct association with. Romania did themselves and The Silly Season proud (I’m fairly sure they don’t care)and even though Mutu missed a crucial penalty there was no disgrace on what was a fluid and highly entertaining game.

I watched it with an Italian friend of mine (pictured) and I was looking forward to testing his patience with some cheap jibes when Romania stuffed them but it wasn’t to be and to be honest I would have felt too guilty to do it, I suppose that proves I am not a real fan.

That said, I am hoping that Holland can hang on (they are 1-0 up as I write this)and give us the best chance of an easy ride and a safe passage through in the last game.

Sorry Alfredo but this was one for the mighty Yellows.

P.S If anyone knows a Romanian or is a Romanian please send us a message, your embassy doesn’t seem interested in us. Can’t imagine why…

Romania send world champions crashing out... maybe


Obviously, in football, any team has to earn there place in history by stepping up to the plate and claiming a major honour. It come from team work, belief, skill, blah blah winning mental attitude blah.

So why is it that the Italian squad always seem to approch major tournaments as if they’ve already won the damn thing before it started, and if they don’t win it’s because of some terrible injustice against them. Like Holland scoring an not-offside goal. There were two other goals as well…

Anyway it’s Romania’s, and The Silly Season’s, chance to put the over-inflated Italians to the death tonight.

Can’t wait…

Score prediction: Italy 0-0 Romania


It’s 16:23 as I write this and the team news is just in. After speculation that Marica may come in Niculae retains his place and Siena midfielder Paul Codrea starts in midfield (click here for a player profile)… oh and some bloke called Del Piero is playing for Italy. Never heard of him to be honest, but he’s got shoulders like a bodybuilder – wonder how he got those….

I couldn’t find a Romanian to watch the game with so have got an Italian instead who I will ridicule mercilessly if we win. Sorry Alfredo.

Hopefully today’s game will not incense the pundits as much as the last game. Actually, sod that I can’t wait to see Robbie Earle and Andy Townesend raving about the mighty yellow wall of steel in front of Bogdan Lobont!

Watch this space for a match report later.

Adam (Silly Season East Midlands correspondent)

Yellow army


Just writing this at exactly 76minutes 23seconds in the Romania-France match.

Very exciting… They’re passing the ball around really well and Mutu looks good.

Starting to feel genuinely excited now. There is something fresh and new to supporting someone you have no history with. A blank canvas.

Don’t want to speak too soon, but this could be the first underdog triumph, even if it’s only a 0-0. Plus I’m a few minutes away from my first correct score.

So, me and Adam have been doing some research on our new team as announced on Friday (see, Romania: the Brazil of the Balkans)

This is him by the way…

Thought I’d introduce my Silly Season: Euro 2008 Special comrade properly. I think (I hope) he was in a play in this picture, which is why he’s covered in blood.

So, he emailed the Romanian Embassy (not covered in blood) to try to get linked up with some supporters groups in England. We think there might be quite a few groups, so hopefully they’ll get in contact.

Also, we can exclusively reveal that our first celebrity Romania fan (for Euro 2008) is: Lembit Opik, who has chosen Romania becuase of his Romanian fianceé Gabriela of The Cheeky Girls. In real footballing life he’s a Leicester fan. Unlucky mate.


Adam’s not wasted any time wasting his hard-earned on our adopted club. He had a punt on Betfair, and got 210/1 on Romania to win Euro 2008, with Adrian Mutu as top scorer; 48/1 on Romania to win the tournament; and 50/1 on Mutu as top scorer.

If they come in he stands to win about £2k.

91:21 now, and still no score.

Come on the Romanians!!!

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